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Following the Iyengar tradition and guided by Sharat Arora's , teachings, in the south of the volcanic island of Tenerife with its friendly climate, SunYogaMoon wants to share its experience with everyone who is aspiring to learn about Hatha Yoga and Thai Massage..

yoga en tenerife

SunYogaMoon emphasizes on the actual experience as a way of attaining knowledge, as well as the active participation of the student in the observation of body and mind.

It is an amazing opportunity to either start the practice of yoga from zero, and therefore set a clear and strong foundation, or to improve and refine an already existing routine regardless of any style. Being the pillar of this practice, the Initiation course provides the most significant teachings in understanding the principles of this technique. In a very clear and easily comprehensible way, we will do our best to transmit to you whatever you need to know at this momentarily stage, step by step. In this way you will develop a greater sensitivity towards your body, a more intimate connection with yourself, and thus you will be able to tap into the experiential direct knowledge of the present moment, from where you will eventually be in the position to guide yourself in your practice independently.