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Therapy with Yoga and Thai Massage

The therapy sessions are designed for those who suffer from injuries, pain, problems in the organic systems ... Everything which affects the art of living a life of quality.

Curso de yoga Tenerife

The student will be taught a daily routine, perfectly suited to increase his understanding of how to relieve the discomforts which he has been living with. It will be taught in detail and in a personal manner. Each case will get the full attention and commitment of the teacher, in order to obtain from this therapy the best benefits possible. The session will be guided according to the presented problem.
These classes may be private or in a group, if the affinity of the problems suggest a joint class.

Depending on how the student is progressing in his guided self-healing process, we can then proceed to combine the yoga practice with the thai massage. We will follow the same working line and go deeper into the areas of the body, which will benefit greatly from the assistance of external manipulation through therapeutic massage.

In order to take full advantage and get the best possible benefits of the therapy sessions, it is mandatory to precede this class with our Initiation Course. Students familiar with this technique will already be able to work with much greater awareness and sensitivity to their bodies.

The therapy at SunYogaMoon may be combined as in the following table:

  • Session
  • Duration
  • Price
  • Thai Massage
  • 1 hour
  • 35 €
  • Thai Massage
  • 1 hour an half
  • 50 €
  • Yoga Therapy Private
  • 1 hour
  • 30 €
  • Yoga Therapy in group
  • 1 hour an half
  • 20 €