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Initiation course

Anyone who has not been initiated into the teachings of Sharat Arora or, even though initiated, is found to be unable to follow the drop-in classes, must attend this Initiation course.

Curso de yoga Tenerife

With this course we are introducing the basics of the technique used at SunYogaMoon, outlining the most important principles necessary for understanding these teachings, and it is therefore considered the groundwork for the following drop-in classes. A sequence of asanas (postures) is shown, which has been taught for more than 25 years by Sharat Arora, a sequence that provides you with all the necessary tools in order to practice in a safe and balanced manner.

During this course we advise the students to come on an empty stomach, not to consume substances which modify the nervous system, to abstain from the practice of other activities which can alternate the state of body and to come the first day 15 minutes before the class starts.

The price of the course is 40 € and consists of a total of 6 hours divided into 3 days, 2 hours daily. Those who want to continue, after full participation in all 3 days, are welcome to join the next 2 following days (2hrs/day) in order to explore more deeply what we have learnt.

The Initiation course will be taught in Spanish starting on the first Sunday of each month and is priced 40 € as mentioned above. If you are unable to attend on these scheduled days or do not speak Spanish, feel free to contact us so we can find a suitable time for you, in which you can also chose between Spanish, English and German. In this case the charges are the following: 20 €/person each set of 2 hours (group class = min. 3 people) and 30 €/person each set of 1,5 hours (private class).

Don't hesitate to come by and check out the hall, talk to the teachers or to ask any question you might have.

Drop-in classes

During these classes we will dive deeper into everything already learnt in the Initiation course and in a progressive way we continue to learn new asanas. Thus the student will start to feel familiar with the technique, being more and more able to anchor himself in the experience and in the observation of body and mind, rather than being mentally caught up in technicalities. At last the student will gain a closer understanding of the true purpose of yoga.

Clases de yoga Tenerife

The benefits of this practice lie in the autonomous therapy of oneself by performing the postures in a precise and detailed manner. Therefore, perseverance in the practice of yoga is an important key to reach to the level of awareness, which allows your body to relax and your mind to observe openly.

The drop-in classes (2hours/session) are given on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, come either in the morning from 9 to 11 or in the evening from 20 to 22. Note: The weeks in which the Initiation course is running the Tuesday classes shift to Thursday.